Sarah Anderson Photography


About Sarah Anderson Photography. Melbourne based photographer photographing interiors, lifestyle, architecture and food.

Sarah is shorter in real life.
She buys in bulk.
Don't bother teasing her about it, she's already heard it all before.

Personal uniform is a shirt, v-neck jumper, jeans and black RM's. Has started to branching out by wearing sneakers. 

Dedication is Sarah wearing stilts to get the right shot (refer to the 1st bullet point). 

Many moons ago was nominated for a Young Australian of the Year Award.

Sarah is a discoverer and an explorer. Not total Bear Grylls but a bit better than Russell Coight.

Loves her dog Charlie a little too much – it's almost at stalker phase.



If you can't find Sarah, you'll most likely find her at LaManna buying her bulk. 

In a past life, Sarah worked as a geotech for the mines in Canada.  

Hint: If you need/want to buy her a present, head to a garden nursery.

Favourite things to shoot: architecture, interiors, landscapes and food. Especially food. Especially if there are leftovers.

Self-admitting germaphobe – but hates hand sanitiser. It's complicated.

After a full week of work*, Sarah likes to go camping and hike in the early hours to get the first shot of dawn. Which is technically 'work' for her but she can't seem to work out the difference.

*As a architecture, editorial, interiors, lifestyle photographer at Sarah Anderson Photography.

For more information and to contact phone +61 (0)404 850 251 email or visit